Teresiano Readers Club

Welcome to the Teresiano Readers Club.

On this weblog site, you will find all the books for our program. Just find your grade and click on the post. There are ten authorized books for each grade, sometimes more. You’ll get a chance to read at least five of them during your school year.

You can buy the books on Barnes and Noble in El Paso, or online at amazon. You can also download the books on any mobile device with the Amazon Kindle app.

If the book you want to read is a graphic novel, you can download the Comixology App and read it on your Apple, Android or Windows 8 device.

You can donate your books to the School Library at the end of the school year. That way, not everybody has to buy all five books every 12 months.

If you want to recommend a book to your classmates, just reply to a post and comment. You only need to register on WordPress. It’s free and easy. Click on the register link and follow the simple instructions. Once you’ve registered, you can sign in anytime and talk about the books you’ve read with your classmates and other students from our school.


4 thoughts on “Teresiano Readers Club

  1. “Me before you” it’s a really emotional book, if you like reading about love this is a book for you. It makes you laugh, cry and leaves you with some good life lessons.


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