10th Grade

Book title Author
1.        1984 1.        George Orwell
2.       Oliver Twist 2.       Charles Dickens
3.       The Catcher in the Rye 3.       JD Salinger
4.       To Kill a Mockingbird 4.       Harper Lee
5.       Hamlet 5.       William Shakespeare
6.      The Scarlett Letter 6.      Nathaniel Hawsthorne
7.       Frankenstein 7.       Mary Shelley
8.       Breakfast at Tiffany´s 8.       Truman Capote
9.      Mansfield Park 9.      Jane Austen
10.    The Bell Jar 10.    Sylvia Plath
11.      13 Reasons Why 11.      Jay Asher
12.    It´s a Kind of Funny Story 12.    Ned Vizzini
13.     A Song of Fire & Ice 13.     George R.R. Martin
14.    Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix 14.    J.K. Rowling
15.    The Spectacular Now 15.    Tim Tharp
16.    City of Bones 16.    Cassandra Clare
17.     If I Stay 17.     Gayle Forman
18.     The Fault in Our Stars 18.     John Green
19.    The Selection 19.    Kiera Cass
20.  Eleanor & Park 20.  Rainbow Rowell
21.    Love, Rosie 21.    Cecelia Ahern
22.   Before I Fall 22.   Lauren Oliver
23.   World War Z 23.   Max Brooks
24.   The Invention of Hugo Cabret 24.   Brian Selznick
25.   The Carrie Diaries 25.   Candance Bushnell
26.   Warm Bodies 26.   Issac Marion
27.   The Firm 27.   John Grisham
28.   The Body 28.   Stephen King
29.   The Hunt for Red October 29.   Tom Clancy
30.  High Fidelity 30.  Nick  Hornby
31.     Holes 31.     Louis Sachar
32.   The Help 32.   Kathryn Stockett
33.   The Host 33.   Stephenie Meyer
34.   Forrest Gump 34.   Winston Groom
35.   Jurassic Park 35.   Michael Crichton
Title Author
A Song of Fire and Ice George R.R. Martin
If I Stay Gayle Forman
The Fault in our Stars John Green
Mockingjay Suzanne Collins
Nineteen Eighty Four George Orwell
Frankenstein Mary Shelley
The Catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger
The Scarlett Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Selection Kiera Cass
To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee
Sandman Vol 1 Preludes and Nocturnes Neil Gaiman
City of Bones Cassandra Clare
Ultimates Vol 1 Superhuman Mark Millar
Hamlet William Shakespeare
Oliver Twist Charles Dickens
Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars Liz Cavalier
P.S. I Love You Cecelia Ahern
The Spectacular Now Tim Tharp
Eleanor & Park Rainbow Rowell
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J.K. Rowling
The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway

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